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PRANCING - Jazz piece composed and performed by Martin Eigenmann
SMOOTH GROOVES PLAYLIST - Composed, played and produced by Martin Eigenmann
BLUES PLAYLIST - Live with Richard Broadnax & The Goldtooth Blues Band



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SoulJazz - Duo with Alina Schönenberger

Jazz with a lot of Soul and Soul music with lots of Jazz elements - that is SoulJazz. The Singer Alina Schönenberger, with her emotional and charismatic voice, puts a spell onto her audience and carries it away into a very own musical world filled with beauty and leisure. The rich and affective accompaniment of the pianist Martin Eigenmann takes the voice into this world further still, sometimes with virtuoso and lyrical elements, sometimes with a lot of groove and articulation.

SoulJazz is ideal for an event in a bar, lounge or restaurant, as well as for private events, such as weddings, birthday parties or company events. On request the duo SoulJazz performs with the renowned saxophone player Mark Hauser.

Fum Laloh

The Togolese singer and performer Fum Laloh composes his own songs with fast Reggae rhythms, a style that is commonly known as Afro Reggae. His songs are about the love to life, but also addressing the vast problems the population of the Black Continent is facing. The songs are performed by a high class band.

Fum Laloh is groovy Afro Reggae with lots of passion and energy.


Some more artists Martin works with...

Michael Williams — The famous singing postman

Cherry Ward — Outstanding emotional voice with a Caribbean touch

Mark Hauser — The master of saxophone, his world is the stage

Leon Duncan — The king of bass, absolute world class virtuoso

LexT — Soul & Reggae singer who gives you goose pimples

Young Preachers — The Gospel choir from Zurich, founded by pastor Sieber

Anna Dell'Era — Incredible Soul & Gospel Voice

Rodrigo Botter Maio — Saxophone virtuoso with beautiful Brazilian sound

Lydia Pfister — High standing Cabaret on demand

Leslie Philbert — The golden Gospel voice

TranceFlute — Magical flute sounds for Electro music

Ernesto Martinez — Singer, dancer & DJ who will move you


Currently no upcoming public concerts.



Born 1971, son of an English mother and a Swiss father.
First encounter with the piano on which his father played Mozart and Rachmaninov.
At the age of ten he takes piano lessons. He creates his first compositions, mostly songs and pieces in classical style.

Teenage Years
Turning fifteen he changes his teacher and takes piano lessons from Dominik Blum. Thanks to him the idea to become a musician is born.
At sixteen Martin gathers experience as a keyboarder in several rock and funk-fusion bands.
At nineteen he performes in a big stadium in Fribourg, as part of the Celebration of 700 years of Switzerland.

Studied classical music at the conservatory of Schaffhausen with the outstanding classical pianist Werner Bärtschi as his professor. Master diploma with an A-grade.
Intensive and mostly autodidactic studies of rock, pop and mainly jazz piano. Occasional inputs from Vince Benedetti, Roger Girot and Misa Krstic.

Live Musician
As pianist and keyboarder Martin performs with various bands and soloists.

Martin holds band worksops and teaches piano at the cantonal schools MNG Rämibühl and Kantonsschule Küsnacht.

Film and Clip Music Composer
Music for the film Silenzio in Valle and for advertising clips and podcasts (see Projects).

Thanks to his significant experience as a pianist and producer Martin is much in demand as a musician for many different projects and productions.
Emotion, charisma and energy are the most important elements in each of his performances.


+41 79 286 56 56


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